“The kanji of happiness is confusing because it is meant to live!”

"Even if it stands in front of me, it alives...(><;)

"Let's live! Let's live... (^人^)"

Even if those are hoped, it'll be in trouble オロオロ(゚ロ゚;))((;゚ロ゚)オロオロ


"But ... Can't you be happy because you can't be alive?"

 "Well! Because you  are alive, your wishes come true... it’s good and awesome! just OK (⌒-⌒;) ''



Then listen to the question of the next person ...!



★ Actually, this question seems light, but it is very serious.

In Kanji, the letter God is writen with the letters, Show and Mention.

God listens for what you have shown and mentioned.

The reason of this question is ...

“I am unhappy. I can't live.”


The more people who make this question, the more...

It will be a difficult life.


Maybe already? (^^) v