Scenario Brain Cell Blog | June 4th, 2018


『Things you should not do to make your dreams and desires come true!』



That is··· Everyone will do often, Due date / target setting.





Because it may soon come true.

There may be a possibility of setting it far away ...


And ...

Everything has its time, situation and environment.


What happens when a flower that blooms in spring blooms in winter?

When kindergarten children study at university ... (^^;


Take love as an example...

Unrequited love...

What would he do if he had a hard time going on?

Can you still endure it?

Can you still love him?



Isn't the next wish starting with "I want to part?"


Everything that exists in the universe knows your dreams and wishes.


☆ It will come true in the best condition ☆


Well, it may be the role in the universe to set a due date or set a target ... (^^)